Business Philosophy


In addition to our firmly entrenched position as a market leader and the strength of our organizational structure, Aon Affinity Berkely Travel offers the following key points about our business philosophy:

  • Customization: Our exclusive focus is on customized, private-label travel protection plans. We design and administer each program individually based on the needs of the client partner.

    In addition, and equally important, no sponsored program that we administer subsidizes the underwriting results of any other custom program nor of a competing, generic insurance product.

  • Insurer Flexibility and Leverage: We have travel insurance programs in place with multiple insurance carriers. These relationships permit us to propose a myriad of options, including alternative financial structures.
    Our established programs with multiple underwriters, reinforced by Aon's enormous insurance industry presence, further ensures that you will obtain the most competitive terms available.

    This flexibility affords Berkely, on behalf of our clients, the greatest leverage at the time of program design, renewal negotiation and/or when considering mid-term plan modifications.

  • Economies of Scale: Berkely-administered products are offered to over 10 million travelers annually.

  • Applying Technology to an Analytical Framework: Berkely has developed, maintained and continues to invest in our proprietary travel insurance system and Information Technology resources. This infrastructure, in tandem with our established business practice of thorough analysis and benchmarking, ensures that every opportunity considered and every recommendation offered both aligns with our client's goals and objectives and achieves desired outcomes.

    While brainstorming exercises are valuable to identify new opportunities, Berkely goes much further to quantify the financial impact of such opportunities for our clients. We use our extensive database of insurance-related pricing, participation and claims data (compiled over 20+ years) to strategically assess new concepts and program changes, pricing models and competitive activity. This allows us to ensure that all of our recommendations maintain the overall integrity of each client's travel insurance program and its related revenue stream.

  • Industry Best Practices: Berkely's depth of expertise in the travel insurance market is exemplified by the innovations that we have pioneered, which have since become accepted as industry best practice. A few examples would include:

    • Initiation of automatic invoicing/"opt out" of insurance at the point of sale;
    • Use of account-specific "800" numbers to enhance customer service
    • Conception of the "Pre-existing Condition Travel Credit" feature to positively differentiate supplier programs from retail competition;
    • Development of the "Any Reason Credit" first introduced with Princess Cruises' travel protection plan - a feature which cannot be duplicated by retail competitors;
    • Design of web modules to promote the travel insurance product, along with the overall cruise/tour offering; and,
    • Integration of the travel insurance offering within an online booking path.

  • Exceptional Service: We have long enjoyed our clients' acknowledgement of the high level of service that Berkely's staff provides to their millions of guests annually and thousands of travel agent partners by thoroughly and knowledgeably answering policy questions, providing prompt and professional adjudication of claims, and pro-actively addressing potential issues before they occur.